Flatbed Towing

  In todays world flat-bed towing is proven to be the safest and most efficient way to transport your vehicle. Here at Fast Lift towing we take pride in using the equipment nessesary to get any job done, with a flatbed it is guaranteed for your vehicle to not have any transmission issues or flat tiers while towing. In other cases if yo were to get a wheel lift tow your two back wheels would be rolling on the ground, unlike a flatbed all four wheels are on the bed and there is no wear and tear to your vehicle. Fast Lift Towing is a 24/7 flatbed towing service in Sylmar, CA & across the San Fernando Valley. Fast Lift Towing offers affordable & unbeatable prices. Fast Lift Towing has flatbed & wheel lift tow trucks ready for you at all times and all across Sylmar & the San Fernando Valley. Fast Lift Towing can tow any thing from cars, forklift, tracter, super car, exotic cars, classic car, motorcycles, wood, pipes, & any special deliverys under 10k pounds. Flat bed towing is hard to find at times but here at Fast Lift Towing all of our flatbeds are equiped with the most up to date technology. We can tow what most towing companies can not, which is broken axle of vehicle quick recovery, whinch out, accident towing, and we try our best to get the most help we can before giving up. We also keep you updated every 15 minutes on our eta and drop off time. All of our drivers are professionals and have years of experience in the towing industry as well as our dispatchers, so we insure your experience with Fast Lift Towing is 100% satifactory. 

Towing a Classic Car on our 2018 Flatbed. 

Towing a Camera Crew Car on our Beautiful Flatbed. ​​​